Air Conditioning Services

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As your heating and air conditioning contractor, we understand that your equipment is essential for keeping you comfortable. Whether your AC unit needs an upgrade or the furnace needs to be replaced, our technicians offer complete heating and air conditioning services so you stay warm or cool and comfortable. Some of our services include:
If it pertains to your Electrical, Heating and AC systems, we can do it all for you. No matter the size of the project, we can fix, replace or install it for you!
• Inspect Condenser & Evaporator Coils
• Check for Proper Operation of Motors & Compressors
• Check Freon Pressures & Coil Temperatures
• Check Electrical Connections
• Check Belt Wear, Tension, & Alignment
• Check Supply Voltage & Amp Draw
• Inspect for Leaks
• Inspect Gas Valve for Proper Operation
• Check Air Temp Rise
• Inspect Pilot & Safeties
• Inspect Thermocouples or Spark Igniters
• Inspect Heat Exchanger
• Inspect Air Filtration
• Check Thermostat Operation
• Inspect Limit Controls
• Check Gas Pressure
• Perform Carbon Monoxide Test
• Check Operation of Unit Safety Controls
• Check for Gas Leaks in Furnace
• Inspect Blower Motor
• Inspect Fan Control
• Check Flue & Venting for Proper Installation
• Inspect Burner Adjustment for Proper Mix
• Inspect Operation of Reversing Valve for Heat Pump Operation Only
• Check Attic Insulation
• Inspect Gas Burners
• Check for Proper Combustion Air
• Check & Lubricate Condenser Fan Motor Bearings (When Applicable)
• Check Condensing Motor Amps
• Check Condensate Drain Lines
• Check for Proper Air Flow
• Inspect Condenser Coils
• Check the Evaporator Coil
• Check AC Refrigerant Pressure
• Test Air Conditioning Starting Components
• Check AC Safety
• Check All Condenser Electrical Connections
• Measure Condenser Voltage & Amperage
• Measure Temperature Difference
• Check Accessible Refrigerant Lines
• Inspect Emergency Drain Pan
• Check Air Conditioning Capacitors
• Inspect Accessible Low-Voltage Control Wiring
• Check Heating & Cooling System Filters
• Check for Correct Zoning Control Operation
Air Conditions — Long Electric and Air Conditioning in Irving, TX
We also offer Duct Work Services
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